02nd Aug2017

Stephen Curry ‘The Finishes’ (Video)

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10th Jul2017

Goodbye Ricky Rubio (Videos)

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Last time my favorite team traded my favorite player that team stopped being my favorite team. On February 25th, 2005 the Minnesota Vikings traded Randy Moss. I dumped all allegiance to any NFL team at the moment. On July 1, 2017 the Minnesota Timberwolves traded my favorite player on my favorite team. The Wolves will remain my favorite team. Ricky Rubio will remain my favorite player. I won’t be a Utah Jazz fan but I’ll be here supporting them to win so Rubio win’s.

Being a Rubio defender can be exhausting. No matter how well Rubio played on any single night it was always, will he make shots? Didn’t matter if Rubio got the 8.5 career assists or 4 rebounds or 2 steals. It was always about the shot. Only thing I appreciate about the detractors vs Rubio was at least it never seemed personal. And if it was that would’ve been strange because Rubio never seemed not likable.

In the end, Rubio’s tenure probably would’ve ended better if the Wolves won more games while he was on the roster. Unfortunately the Wolves lost a lot during the Rubio years. In between injuries the Wolves did go 31-51 and 40-42 in back to back seasons (Rubio missed 25 games during the 31-51 season, Kevin Love missed 64). He went through 2 rebuilds. Had his most successful scoring, assisting, and shooting season since entering the NBA this past season.

But Tom Thibodeau made big changes after the season. On draft night he moved Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn. 8 days later traded Rubio. Signed Jeff Teague. Signed Taj Gibson and Jamal Crawford. The new Wolves don’t start until October though. Let’s now enjoy Rubio highlights over the years in video form.

Ridiculous passes

So many easy baskets for the Wolves by Rubio pushing it ahead.

Passes over the D for easy 3’s

Rubio had a career high in field goal percentage

Career High Points Scored in single game

Career High and Minnesota Timberwolves single game record for Assists with 19

Extra hustle plays

One touch passes

Alley-oops over the top to Andrew Wiggins

Let’s not forgot about Zach LaVine

And Karl-Anthony Towns

And Shabazz

Beat the Warriors at Home

Triple Double

And random highlights

10th Jul2017

Lonzo Ball Summer League Triple Double (Video)

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28th Jun2017

Russell Westbrook 2016-17 Triple Doubles (Video)

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23rd Jun2017

Jimmy Butler 2016-17 Highlights (Video)

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16th Jun2017

2017 NBA Draft Prospects (VIDEO)

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Markelle Fultz

Lonzo Ball

Josh Jackson

Malik Monk

Jayson Tatum

De’Aaron Fox

Dennis Smith JR

Frank Ntilikina

Jonathan Isaac

Lauri Markkanen

Harry Giles

Zach Collins

Info on all Draft Prospects

13th Jun2017

LeBron James ‘The Dimes’ From 2017 NBA Finals

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13th Jun2017

Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and JR Smith VIDEO Highlights from NBA Finals Game 5

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12th Jun2017

LeBron James Game 4 vs Golden State Warriors (Video)

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12th Jun2017

Cleveland Cavaliers 24 3s in Game 4 of #NBAFinals #DefendTheLand

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