01st Dec2016

Machine Gun Kelly “Bad Things”

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24th Nov2016

Would You Rather: Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello & “Bad Things” (Video)

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20th Sep2016

Machine Gun Kelly “Just What I Am” (remiXX)

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30th May2016

#SoundSet2016 #photos #videos

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Now that I've had some rest: HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came to #Soundset2016 and made its first appearance at the @mnstatefair a great one! Also major props to my colleagues at/within the @rhymesayers +@fifthelementRSE family, as well as Rose Presents, MN State Fair, and @frontgatetickets, on the countless hours of work for this. HUGE shouts to my fellow social production teammates: @leiftheviking, Alejandro, @ConradLeber @yabilsound. Don't know what I'd do without y'all, especially with at how much I ended up on my feet and all over the place this year. Also shouts to our video (and master GIF) production team: 1Light Films. (Also key "share the snacks with Sarah" folk) And last, but not least, my #Soundset2016 photographers/Instagrammers/Snapchatters: @bumpopera @CoryDewaldPhotography @kevin__omeara @vanstyles @instabaeth @srodriguez92 @1st @itsarazelly + @justthetip_mn!! Here’s a short video clip of my dude @profgampo riding a raft into the massive crowd during his set. Although my role this year called for unexpected running all over the place assisting more than anything else, I did still manage to grab some shots of some artists. Coming soon…. But now… now I take the rest of the day off…. ish…. (‘cause y’all know I’m over here still trying to answer emails and tweets/comments with little energy left, because workaholism 😂).

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The legendary Roots crew #theroots #soundset2016 #yougotme

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Hallelujah🎉🎉🎉 @profgampo #soundset2016 #mnhiphop #onlyinmn #prof #killingit

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17th May2016

Machine Gun Kelly – Spotlight ft. Lzzy Hale #video

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17th May2016

Machine Gun Kelly – All Night Long

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26th Feb2016

Machine Gun Kelly “Alpha Omega” #Video

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21st Oct2015

Machine Gun Kelly and Leroy Sanchez perform “Gone” acoustic on the tour bus #Video

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12th Aug2015

Machine Gun Kelly: ” Blue Skies” (Official Music Video)

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23rd Jul2015

Machine Gun Kelly “Fuck It” #Mixtape #Download

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